# 91 Keep Dancing!

So today I have something new for you! 
It's not a pic like always...but a video with new awesome amazing Tech-House-Funky Dances from a NEW Animation Brand in SL-Community - "MOVE! Animations Cologne"! 
Hope you enjoy! 

◈ Alana_01_Dance_MOVE!
◈ Alana_02_Dance_MOVE!
◈ Alana_03_Dance_MOVE!
◈ Alana_04_Dance_MOVE!
◈ Alana_05_Dance_MOVE!

Hello SL Community,

I am Jason, the Creator of "MOVE! Animations Cologne". 

I want to introduce my new Animation Brand to the Grid - MOVE! Animations Cologne.
A combining of people and actors who love to visit Clubs, who are interested in Fashion, who love Music and who don`t know the borders of Religions or Origins.
The People and Dancers around MOVE! Animations Cologne live this spirit since years. 
We are located downtown above the roofs of the outstanding German City Cologne. 
Also, we are running a huge Social Media supply for everyone who`s interested in MOVE! Animations Cologne.
Including high quality real life videos of our dance recording session`s even in Real Life Clubs or in the Studio.
Constant FaceBook and Twitter live Updates during the recordings with pictures and Video footage directly from the happenings.
Also See:

Our Main Store will open soon !

To Me:
Before i started my own Brand MOVE! Animations Cologne, i was working for another Big Animation Company in SL where i had the chance to realize my most extraordinary Idea for Virtual World`s: Bringing Real Life impressions to the Virtual World.

At that time i brought many of my RL Friends, DJs, Clubbers and Dancers to that company`s Studio to Dance, Party, meet and to make Animations for SL.
I also was in charge for the Owner Avatar inworld.
Many of the Moves we created and Faces from people on vendors and videos are still very known in SL, but the time has changed. One year ago I left this Animation Company and with me, also my Friends.
Now those Friends/Dancers will only be a part of MOVE! Animations Cologne.
Some of you might see familiar faces on our NEW Vendors :) but with new Dance styles. (also see upcoming Imagevideo of MOVE! Animations Cologne )

I want it to be CLEAR that ALL Dances from MOVE! Animations Cologne are 100% NEW and made from scratch by professional Animators and real People and Clubbers.

We at MOVE! Animations Cologne, are enthusiastic People in Music, Party and Dance. For sure we also live that !
Be a part of our community and we will share the sense of that whole spirit with You ! 

Thank You for your patience and welcome to MOVE! ANIMATIONS COLOGNE,
(Main Store Opening soon)

Jasonbodylanguage ( CEO&Founder - MOVE! Animations Cologne )