# 94 Strategy requires thought, Tactics require observation!

!six o'clock! grunge @Cosmopolitan Gacha
◈ !six o'clock! ouvert sign
◈ !six o'clock! screener
◈ !six o'clock! rusty desk
◈ !six o'clock! grunge armchair - ADULT
◈ !six o'clock! lighted frame
..::TH::..Neptune @Cosmopolitan
◈ ..::TH::.. Neptune Cabinet
◈ ..::TH::.. Neptune Sideboard
◈ ..::TH::.. Neptune Lamp
..::TH::..Neptune Gatcha Objects @Cosmopolitan Gacha
◈ ..::TH::.. Sea Monster Map ULTRARARE
◈ ..::TH::.. Thin Captain Pocket RARE
◈ ..::TH::.. Navy Compass 16 Dir RARE
◈ ..::TH::.. Metches Box "Kraken Girl"
◈ ..::TH::.. Metches Box "Kraken Book"
◈ ..::TH::..  Adventure Book Set 1
◈ ..::TH::..  Adventure Book Set 2
◈ ..::TH::.. Inkwell Storyteller
◈ ..::TH::.. Nautilus Static Model
◈ ..::TH::.. Metches Box "kraken Rhum"
◈ ..::TH::.. Metronome
◈ Clustered.  Letchworth Set. Paper Roll Bag
◈ Clustered.  Letchworth Set. Frames
◈ Clustered. Westbrook Collection. Pens & A Notebook
[ kunst ] - Cigar ashtray #2 Gacha

Grand Open on Dec 1st at 0am SLT. 
Not only new clothes and some couple poses will be prepared for this event, 
but also New Group gift from each area(fashion and pose) will set up for agapee vip members.