# 133 You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it.

Tattoo : DAPPA - Equilibrium Tattoo.  @Suicide Dollz

*CHEZ MOI FURNITURES* Supreme Bathroom + Vanity Place (Adult)
◈ Supreme Toilet * CHEZ MOI
◈ Supreme Bathtub (Adult) CHEZ MOI
◈ Vanity Table CHEZ MOI
◈ Supreme Bathtub Rack CHEZ MOI
◈ Long Mirror CHEZ MOI
◈ Supreme Sink & Vanity CHEZ MOI
◈ Print Bathroom Rules CHEZ MOI
◈ Supreme Bathroom Daybed CHEZ MOI
◈ Slippers and Panties CHEZ MOI
◈ Supreme Towel Rack CHEZ MOI
◈ Rug Ipanema CHEZ MOI
[Schultz Bros.] Vintage Laundry Set  @Cosmopolitan
◈ [Schultz Bros.] Dollhouse Laundry Shelf
◈ [Schultz Bros.] Old Wash Basin
◈ Clustered. Oakland Set.  Thrown shirt
◈ Clustered. Oakland Set.  Thrown Pants