# 143 Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it's too late. Say what you're feeling. Waiting is a mistake.

On Him

Fancy Decor: Adler Desk @Monsieur Chic
Fancy Decor: White/Gold Office Chair @Monsieur Chic
Fancy Decor: White/Gold Documents @Monsieur Chic
Fancy Decor: White/Gold Office Supplies @Monsieur Chic
Fancy Decor: White/Gold Tape Dispenser @Monsieur Chic
Fancy Decor: Adler Shelf @Monsieur Chic
Fancy Decor: Stacked Boxes @Monsieur Chic
Fancy Decor: Bracket Bookends @Monsieur Chic
Fancy Decor: B&W Rug @Monsieur Chic
:: N :: Flatiron Sideboard with Hutch, Antique Pine @Cosmopolitan
:: N :: Flatiron Coffee Table, Antique Pine @Cosmopolitan
:: N :: Geometric Area Rugs, Set One @Cosmopolitan
:: N :: Seashell Centerpiece, Set One @Cosmopolitan
[Since 1975]-Phone&Case-You'reMine M @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot Tiny Old town Rez @Cosmopolitan
brocante. unfinished wallpaper / mural
floorplan. departure board
floorplan. postcard collection / hipster
brocante. windmill wall decor
7 - The Filmore Factory Clock
floorplan. string light pallets / wood
[Con.] The Cave - Tub Chair - PG - Black
Deco cactus @Cosmopolitan Gacha
:CP: Dawson's Desk Set (PG)
◈ :CP: Dawson's Laptop
◈ :CP: Joey's Stamp Set
◈ :CP: Dawson's Light
◈ :CP: Storage Boxes - Small
◈ :CP: Dawson's Memory Board
◈ :CP: Astronomy Globe
◈ :CP: Falling Over Books
◈ :CP: Dawson's Cute Rock Marquee
:CP: Hello Vegas Corner Sofa (PG) @FaMESHed
:CP: Deconstructed Coffee Table
:CP: Oversized Light
Soy. Vintage Ski - Pair [Dark Brown]