# 148 Party hard, make mistakes, laugh endlessly. Do things you're afraid to do. After all, you're only young once!

Today I have awesome news for you Ladies! MOVE! Animations Cologne has New Super Amazing Dances for girls! Leni Vol.2 has 15 new Dances which are recorded with High Quality Cameras at a REAL CLUB! The style of the dances is "Girly/Cute". But the most important is that the animations look as if you were dancing in Real Life! And don’t forget, one Unreleased Dance from Leni is for Free at the Mainstore!!! You can watch the Video here!!!

::WetCat:: "Glance" Curtain Prop BOX @Cosmopolitan
[IDEZA] - Home made Dj booth set - BOXED- @Cosmopolitan
◈ [IDEZA] - Home made Dj booth
◈ IDEZA - Dj Plate Lite
!six o'clock! white gacha @Cosmopolitan Gacha
◈ !six o'clock! chrome table
◈ !six o'clock! chrome stool
◈ !six o'clock! cubed ottoman
[ kunst ] - Cigar ashtray #2 Gacha
[NO CONCEPT] Bar Gacha
◈ [NO CONCEPT] bar counter corner1
◈ [NO CONCEPT] bar counter short
◈ [NO CONCEPT] steel stool(silver)
◈ [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool1 Shaker set RARE
◈ [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool2 Bar spoon
◈ [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool3 Measure cup
◈ [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool4 Mixing glass
◈ [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool5 Ice pail
◈ [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool6 Boston shaker
◈ [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool7 Baron shaker
◈ [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool8 Ice pick
◈ [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool9 Squeezer
AF Poppies / Glazed Vase
*AF* Inn Wine Bottles
*AF* Inn Wine Rack
Casita - Wine Wall Decor
PILOT - Eye Chart 2
PILOT & JIM - Framed Fox
PILOT & JIM - Framed Buck
Paris - Wine set
[ht:home] game room PACK
◈ [ht:home] surround system - standing speaker
◈ [ht:home] surround system - subwoofer
◈ [ht:home] surround system - satellite

P.S.: Special thanks to those lovely Ladies who helped me with the video (from left to right):
◈ Nishiyo
◈ Neda Andel
◈ Johannafrost
◈ Rocio Larsson
◈ Anyta Dragoone
◈ Filiosis Carolina