# 204 Slow Sexy Natural - Leni Vol.4

Leni is back again with 15 New awesome Dances for Females from MOVE! Animations Cologne !!!
This pack has 15 amazing dances which are recorded with High Quality Cameras at a Real Club!
The style is "Slow Sexy Natural". The animations as always look as if you were dancing in Real Life which I find pretty awesome! You should really run and grab Leni Vol.4!!!

BOOTY TIME @ MOVE! The long-awaited SEXY Girls Dances from LENI are out NOW ! These super cute and natural Dances are SLOW and PLEASING to EVERY EYE!
Leni is an allround talent. Her dances are extrovert, shaking booty and hot. Take a look at the Dances in our Inworld Store! 100% Professional Motion Capture Dances.

Now you can watch the dances here: sketchfab.com/moveanimations 
Don't miss that!!!